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About Us


Not Naked Logo

Not Naked:
Why we do it

Humor links and unites people

in a way that crosses social boundaries.

our brand name: Not Naked

was designed to illicit a little smile from folks who read it. Or at the very least, a raised eyebrow.

And our designs are filled with the same intent. 


No matter what you have to share with the world or how you want to share it, we believe you should do it with a smile.

Born & Bred in san Diego, the Not Naked brand sparked to life after our Founder, Roger, heard the phrase "Electric Sex" while watching a Christmas Story and thought "That should be on a shirt."


Items are made with DTG printing or embroidery

All of our garments are produced on demand. Less waste & better for Ol' Mother Earth

Check item details for specific care instructions before washing

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